5t Organic fertilizer disc granulator production production line


The organic fertilizer disc granulator production line is designed,and in the line it is equipped with the disc granulator to produce the organic fertilizer granulator per hour can produce 5Tons.How works of these machines?What series and type fertilizer machines are designed in the line?
Introduction of this production line:
1.Raw materials:The raw materials can be the cow dung,chicken manure,and other animal manure.Besides the animal manure can be used to produce the organic fertilizer,the straw,city life waste also can be as the raw materials of producing organic fertilizer granulator.
2.Disc organic fertilizer production line:
(1)Loader feeding hopper:The machine is a new combination of capacity and even feeding.The machine has storage bin,anti caking,discharge adjustment system and conveying device.The overall combination enables large volume storage of materials to be transported at a uniform speed and can be continuously worked,expecially for engineering applications such as chemical fertilizers and aquaculture.
(2)Fertilizer crusher machine:The fertilizer crusher machine series can be used to grind the raw materials.Different type and series fertilizer crusher machines to be designed and used in the fertilizer manufacturing process.We can choose the half wet materials crusher machine,which this type machine uses a high-speed roating blade to pulverize the fiber with good particle size,high efficiency and high engery.The half wet material crusher is mostly used in the production process of organic fertilizer and smashing of production and processing of organic fertilizer,and the smashing of chicken manure,humic acid and other raw marerials have a good effect.  (3)Drum screener machine:After crushing the raw materials,we need the screener machine to screen the quality materials and the inquality materials.The drum screener machine is a common equipment in the npk,compound fertilizer production process,which is used for the separation of finished products and reclaimed materials and it can also realize the classification of products,so that the finished products can be evenly classified.
(4)Disc granulator:After we choose the raw material,we will enter to the most important step---granulating process.We use the disc granulator of the disc is high efficiency,in the fertilizer production line it may produce 5 tons per hour.And the granular can be the beautiful shape making by the disc granulator machine.
More other type fertilizer machine are also needed,like the drum dryer machine,cooler machine,and packing machine.
Every fertilizer machine has the different role in the production process.The designing of the organic disc granulator production line can improve the producation of the organic fertilizer and increase the market of the organic fertilizer.

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