The introduction of npk fertilizer production line


Producing the fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing technology to finish the production process.Complete fertilizer production line is designed for producing the fertilizer using the automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer machine not only can improve the working efficient,it also can improve the usage rate of the raw materials.Introduction of the npk fertilizer production line.
The main equipment of producing the npk fertilizer:
In a complete fertilizer production line,when producing the fertilizer granulator,it can be divided into three parts:fermentation,crushing and granulating.If we just to produce the fertilizer powdery,the fertilizer granulator machine is not needed.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,every series fertilizer machine play the different role in every part.  Fermentation compost turner machine:The simple compost turner machine can be used when fermenting the raw materials.The purpose to ferment the raw materials is to use the fermenting technology to kill the bacterials in the raw materials.The series machine is always to be used in the organi c fertilizer production line.
Fertilizer crusher machine:Different type have different role in using process.We can choose the vertical disc half wet materials crusher machine to cgrind the big and hard raw materials.And then put them into the fertilizer mixer machine to be mixed with other additional materials.The fertilizer crusher machine also can use the chain crusher machine to grind the granulator.
Granulating process:When making granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main fertilizer machine.In npk fertilizer production line,we can use the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the npk fertilizer granulator using the rotary drum method or we can use the roller press granulator machine to produce the fertilizer granulator using the extrusion method.The using of the fertilizer granulator machine is relative to the raw materials,granulating method.We can choose the suitable fertilizer machine to finish the npk fertilizer production.
Besides these main machines are used in the line.there are some other machines,like the fertilizer screener machine,coating machine and packing machine and so on.

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