How to make bio organic fertilizer granulator?


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 Bio organic fertilizer is a new kind of organic fertilizer.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,how to use the organic fertilizer machine to make bio organic fertilizer granulator?
Bio organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer which is compounded by adding specific functional microorganisms into organic fertilizer.The function of bio organic fertilizer is to increase soil nutrients and improve soil biological activity.Bio organic fertilizer contains functional bacteria and organic matter,which can improve the soil and promote the release of nuutrients fixed by the soil.  How to make bio organic fertilizer by using the fertilizer machine?Generally speking,in biofertilizer production line,it is equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine,fertilizer granulator machine and so on.Fertilizer granulator machine we can choose the flat die granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator.
In the bio organic fertilizer production line,it is equipped with different series fertilizer machine to make the bio orgaic fertilizer granulator.And every series fertilizer machine play different role in the fertilizer manufacturing process.

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