Huaqiang Heavy Industry teaches you: choose reliable organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers!


For friends who want to buy organic fertilizer machine, it is very important to choose a reliable and powerful organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer. Whether it is a large-scale organic fertilizer production line or a small-scale organic fertilizer production line, the investment is not small.
It is necessary to choose a strong organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer and a high-quality organic fertilizer production line to ensure the stable and efficient production of organic fertilizer. Then how can investors choose the best from the many uneven organic fertilizer equipment production? Next, let's talk about how to judge whether this organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer is reliable.
1. Field inspection
When purchasing equipment for the organic fertilizer production line, we have to make a field visit. If we cannot come to the site, we can also make a video call with the manufacturer, so that the organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer will show you the real scene of the site and equipment. Through on-site inspection, you can have specific comparison data when comparing other manufacturers, so that you can choose the correct manufacturer and product.
2. Manufacturers "hardware facilities" and "software facilities"
Hardware facilities refer to observing whether the manufacturer has advanced finishing machinery and equipment, randomly checking the operation of the equipment, and judging from the sound of the test machine whether it is natural, continuous and regular. It is natural and regular, and the equipment reliability is relatively high. "Software facilities" refer to whether there are professional personnel and a R&D team of engineers. These two aspects can provide strong quality assurance for organic fertilizer equipment products, and also highlight the strength of the manufacturer from the side.
3, look at the product
The two products of organic fertilizer processing, powdered organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer, have particle size standards, and the size of the particle size is within the range of difference.
4, look at customer cases
Looking at the cooperative customers of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers, the number of customers can reflect whether the manufacturer's experience, credibility, economic strength, and other comprehensive capabilities.

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