Organic fertilizer machine experts talk about several NPK fertilizer identification methods


Facing all kinds of fertilizers on the market, many agricultural producers do not know how to distinguish the true from the false. Organic fertilizer machine experts talk about several common NPK fertilizer identification methods, hoping to help you

1. Ammonium sulfate is a kind of crystallized small particles, generally tasteless, and some have the smell of gas; it is soluble in water and has no residue
The simple test shows that the water solution is slightly acidic, and the pH test paper is slightly red; it jumps on the red iron sheet, dissolves gradually, emits white smoke, with ammonia smell and residues.

2. Superphosphate is loose, powdery or granular; gray white, dark gray or light yellow; sour; hygroscopic and astringent; partially dissolved in water
The pH test paper turned red.
3. The intuitive properties of ammonium bicarbonate are generally white or yellowish crystal; it is easy to decompose at room temperature and has irritating ammonia odor; it is easily soluble in water; long acting ammonium bicarbonate is gray and gray white, and may be mixed with gray powder or particles, with a small amount of precipitation in aqueous solution.
The simple test fertilizer can smell ammonia taste when twisted by hand at room temperature; the water solution is alkaline, and the pH test paper is dark blue; take a small amount of fertilizer on the red iron sheet, which will not melt and volatilize directly, and emit white smoke, with pungent ammonia taste.

4. The visual property of KCl is white or reddish crystal, in which Canadian products are mostly red flakes, Russian products are mostly red powder, Jordan, China, Qinghai and other places are mostly white products; they are easily soluble in water and easy to absorb moisture and dissolve in wet weather
Simply test whether the water solution is neutral or slightly acidic, insert the pH test paper into it, and the color will not change or turn to reddish; put a little fertilizer on the iron sheet to make it burn on the fire, and you can see the purple flame.

5.The visual properties of ammonium nitrate are crystalline and granular; it is white or light yellow; it is tasteless; it is easily soluble in water, and it is easy to absorb moisture and melt in the air.
Simply test that the aqueous solution is acidic, and the pH test paper turns red; while burning on the hot red iron sheet, white smoke is emitted, which smells of ammonia and has no residue.

6. The intuitive properties of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer are generally powder; there are different colors such as dark green, gray brown, gray black, gray and white; it is tasteless; insoluble in water; it does not feel moist. Roller press granulator can be used to make granules.
Simply test and stir in the water, insert the pH test paper into the supernatant liquid, the color turns blue-purple, and the solution is alkaline.

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