What are the main factors affecting the production efficiency of roller granulator


Double roller press granulator is used in fertilizer, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry and other industries. It can make the mixed materials into the required granules, especially for the materials with high viscosity. At present, due to the process arrangement and operation technology problems of granulator in many fertilizer production plants, the output can not meet the expected design requirements, and the particle surface is not smooth, the hardness is low, easy to break, and the powder content is high.

In the granulation process of the organic fertilizer machine, there are many main reasons that affect the production efficiency of the roller granulator, one of which is the influence of the raw material. The raw material factors directly affect the effect of granulation. Materials with higher starch content are easy to be gelatinized by steam. These raw materials have a certain viscosity after tempering, which is beneficial to the formation of granules.
From the point of view of granulation, the raw material is crushed finely and the granulation strength is high, but the steam is added more, so it is easy to block the machine if you don't pay attention to it. And the raw material is crushed too fine, resulting in the crushing power consumption is too high. It is difficult for granulation, especially for the ring die with small diameter, which leads to poor gelatinization effect of materials, resulting in high material consumption, low output and high powder content of particles.

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