The advantage of the roller press granulator


 The fertilizer granulator machine to be designed and used to produce the fertilizer into granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer granulator machine to finish the granulating process.What advantages of the roller press granulator?
The brief introduction of roller press granulator:
Zhengzhou Huaqiang brand counter roller press granulator is the key fertilizer equipment of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulation.It has advanced technology,reasonable design,compact structure,novel and partical,low engery consumption.It forms a small production lin with corresponding equipment,which can form a certain capacity of continuous and mechanized production.With eugeniscs formula,no need to dry,normal temperature production,the products is roller once to make the product quality meet the technical index requirements of compound fertilizer.It is a comsumption reducing product in compound fertilizer industry.  2.Application features of the counter roller press granulator:
1)The roller rpess granulator machine is produced by non drying process,granulating at normal temperature and forming at one time.It has the characteristics of less investment,quick effect and good economic benefit.
2)The structure of the fertilizer granulator machine adopts granulation,molding and screening as a whole,which makes it beautiful in appearance,simple in operation and low in engery consumption.The main parts such as roll body are made of a new type of metal with the characteristics of corrosion resistance,wear resistance and impact resistance.
Fertilizer granulator machine series products not only the roller press granulator machine,it is also included the disc granulator machine,rotary drum granulator machine and so on.

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