Why we use organic fertilizer?


 Organic fertilizer which can be produced by using the organic fertilize rmachine and using the fertilizer manufacturing technology is widely used in the agricultural in all over the world.And why we used the organic fertilizer?
Organic fertilizer is an important source of fertilizer for agricultural production.It plays an important role in improving soil fertility,reducing the input of chemical fertilizer,building the soil fertility,improving crop yield and quality.However,the raw materials of organic fertilizer are generally industrial,agricultural and domestic waste,which have a wide range of materials and complex components,and are easy to be ignored when they are used.
Advantages of organic fertilizer
The nutrient of organic fertilizer is easy to ripen and has relatively fast fertilizer effect.It is relatively balanced high-quality complete fertilizer with comprehensive nutrient elements and long-lasting fertilizer effect.
It contains a large number of nutrient elements such as N,P,K and trace elements such as Ca,Mg,Zn,Mn and so on.The total content of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium can generally exceed 8%.Under the effect of soil benefical microorganisms and organic colloids,it can make all kinds of fertilizer applied benefical.The utility rate is improved and the effect is lasting.
It can improve the quality of agricultural products organic fertilizer,which can be produced by using the organic fertilizer production line, can make fruit bright color,neat,mature and concentrated,the sugar content,sugar acid ratio,vitamin content of melon agricultural products are improved,and the taste is better;the length of cotton fiber is increased,the quality of other crops are improved,which is conducive to expanding exports and increasing the price.It also can improve the agronomic characters of crops,such as thick stem,green leaves,early flowering,high fruit setting rate,uniform grain size,good fruit commodity and early marketing time.

 The production of organic fertilizer to be designed a complete organic fertilizer production line to finish.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with differnt series fertilizer machine to finish the production process.Like the fermentation compost turner machine,fertilizer mixer machine,and fertilizer granulator machine and so on.Every series fertilizer machine plays different role in the organic fertilizer production process.
After the organic fertilizer with high content of benefical microorganims enters into soil,a variety of organic media contained in it will increase a variety of functional microorganisms in the soil,produce a large number of secondary metabolites in the process of growth and reproduction,promote the decomposition and transformation of organic matter,so as to directly or indirectly provide crops with a variety of nutrients and irritant substances,promote and regulate crop of harmful pathogens,enhance the resistance and strees resistance of crops,reduce the soil borne diseases of crops,and reduce the incidence.

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