Use roller press granulator to make manure into organic fertilizer


With the continuous popularization of organic fertilizer, more and more people begin to use organic fertilizer for production and planting. There are many raw materials for producing organic fertilizer, but many of them use roller press granulator to produce organic fertilizer from manure. Why? Next, let's explore why.

Organic fertilizer machine promotes green, ecological economy and sustainable development. It not only ensures food safety, but also solves the environmental pollution caused by feces. The water content of organic fertilizer fermentation should be controlled at 65%. So how do you determine the moisture content? Hold on to a handful of material with your hand, and you can see the watermark on your finger, but it won't drip, it will fall to the ground and scatter. High moisture content can lead to poor ventilation, slow temperature rise and bad smell. Adding straw, sawdust and mushroom residue can obtain regulated moisture. When the water content is too low, the fermentation is slow. When the water content is too low, the manure or water separated by the solid-liquid separator can be used to ensure the water content. Finally, the fermented compost is granulated by roller press granulator, and the whole treatment is completed by other fertilizer machines.

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