The shipping of the organic fertilizer production line


Organic fertilizer production line is designed and produced by our company.In the complete fertilizer production line,it is equipped with different type and series fertilizer machines to produce organic fertilizer.Using the complete fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer not only improve the working efficient,it also improve the usage rate of the raw materials.
Now the set of complete fertilizer machines which is equipped in the organic fertilizer production line  are shipped to our customer to the Indonesia. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology CO.Ltd is a professional company of producing the fertilizer machine. We are not only supply the fertilizer machines producing.We also supply the designing of complete fertilizer production line.Customerized severice can supply for different customers.Using the automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer machine to produce the fertilizer using the fertilizer technology can meet the needs of the organic fertilizer market.Besides the organic fertilizer production line can be deesigned,the npk fertilizer production line and the bio fertilizer production line are also designed for producing the fertilizer.More other type fertilizer production line are also to be designed and produced.

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