5000t / a small organic fertilizer production machine exported to Nigeria


Recently, the Huaqiang factory exported a complete set of small organic fertilizer production lines to Nigeria. This set of organic fertilizer machine can reach an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons.
small organic fertilizer production machine exported to Nigeriasmall organic fertilizer production machine exported to Nigeria

Complete set of organic fertilizer production process

1.Chicken manure, pig manure, sludge and other raw materials are fermented with strains, and the fermented product is processed by a turning machine
2.Computer-controlled belt scale automatically batches according to the formula ratio
3.The disc granulator performs granulation. Different raw materials use different granulation equipment. Such as flat die granulator, drum granulator, roller press granulator.
4.Drum dryer for drying, drum cooler for cooling.
5.Large particles and small particles meet industry requirements, the particles are automatically polished, and the products are separated by a screening machine
6.The finished product is automatically filled with a 50kg bag or a 25kg bag with an automatic quantitative packaging scale, and the finished product is sealed, put into storage or directly loaded into the car.
According to the scale of fertilizer plant and ground conditions, it will be more scientific and reasonable to use small equipment, build more fermentation tanks, and combine infrastructure construction with equipment.

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