Double-screws Turning Machine

The double-screws turning machine is used for fermenting and dump of organic wastes such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, dregs cake and straw sawdust. It is widely used in the fermentation and removal of water in organic fertilizer plant,gardening farm and BIS mushroom plant. It overcomes the limitation of the width and depth of the traditional groove turning machine. The turning depth can reach 1.6 meters and the turning width can reach 12 meters, which greatly improves the space utilization ratio. After the improved double axis reverse rotation movement, it has the functions of turning, mixing and oxygenation, improving the fermentation rate, decomposing the composting quickly, preventing the formation of the odor, saving the energy consumption of oxygen filling, and shortening the fermentation time.
The dump machine is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting. As a new type of machinery, it is still not known in the national product catalogue, but it is fast propagate in the family of fertilizer machinery and equipment, which is the main product of the development trend of the compost industry to replace the handset and the handset for the dump of the material.

1. The stirring function in the raw material conditioning.
2. Mediate the temperature of the material heap.
3. Improve the permeability of the raw material heap.
4. Adjust the water of the raw material heap.
5. The special requirements of the decomposting process are realized.
Model Main motor Girder walking motor.


Turn over the pile motor.


Hydraulic pump motor.


Groove depth
LX6M 15kw 1.5KWX2 1.1KWX2 4KW 1---1.7M
LX9M 15kw 1.5KWX2 1.1KWX2 4KW
LX12M 15kw 1.5KWX2 1.1KWX2 4KW
LX15M 15kw 1.5KWX2 1.1KWX2 4

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