Bucket Elevator

The series of bucket elevator has the characteristics of small space occupation,high lifting height, large capacity, low power consumption and well sealed. It is suitable for vertical conveying for granular and powdery materials such as grain, food,feed and mining etc.
1. The driving power is small, and it uses the inflow feeding,inducting type discharge and the large capacity hopper. There is almost no return material and the dug phenomenon in the material lifting, so the invalid power is less.
2. A wide range of lifting, this type of elevator adapts to different types of materials, has few requirements for the material feature and size, not only elevates the general powder, small granular material, but also grinds and polishes material.Good sealing, less environmental pollution. 
3. Good operation reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods ensure the reliability of the whole machine running, and the trouble-free time is more than 20 hours. Hoisting height is high.The machine runs smoothly, so it can achieve higher lifting height.
4. The service life is long, and the feed of the hoist adopts the inflow type, and no need to use the bucket to excavate material, so that the extrusion and collision phenomena seldom occur between the materials. When the machine is designed, it ensures that the material is less spilled during feeding and unloading and reduces mechanical wear.
 Model Th315 Th400 Th500 Th630
 Hopper Type ZH SH ZH SH ZH SH ZH SH
 Conveying Capacity 35 59 58 94 73 118 114 185
 Hopper Volume 3.75 6 5.9 9.5 9.3 15 14.6 23.6
 Hopper Distance 512 688
Round steel diameter×Pitch
Φ18×64 Φ12.1×86
 Single chain strength 320 480
Traction weight per unit length
25.64 26.58 31 31.9 41.5 44.2 49 52.3
Driving gear speed
42.5 37.6 35.8 31.8
Max conveying particle size
35 40 50 60
 Hopper running speed 1.4 1.5

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