Mobile Belt Conveyor

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The working principle of mobile belt conveyor is the same as the ordinary belt conveyor,which is continuous transportation equipment that uses the belt as traction loader. Compared with the ordinary belt conveyor, it is added the mobile device, because of the mobile device, it is working with the superior maneuverability, and can be driven or traced to the suitable places for loading and unloading of goods according to the field conditions.
It is continuous transportation equipment with tape as the traction bearing mechanism.The friction coefficient of the driving drum is large and the initial tension is small. The drive of the motor and the reducer is driven by the motor and the reducer. In the case of the Euler formula, the tape is driven to rotate. At the same time, the tape is used as a bearing and traction tool to carry the bulk material for continuous transportation.
1. The fuselage is made of steel frame, and the steel frame has simple structure, convenient installation, dis assembly and adjustment.
2. The trough supporting roller used in the whole machine can be used for general interchange. The upper roller is twisted by two supporting rollers and installed on the longitudinal beam.
3. The friction coefficient of the transmission roller is large, and the tension of the small tension belt is also small.
Length/td> -6(-10)M/td> -6(-10)M/td> -6(-10)M/td> -10(11-)M/td> -10(11-)M/td> -10(11-)M/td>
Width/td> 500/td> 650/td> 800/td> 500/td> 650/td> 800/td>
Height/td> 80/td> 80/td> 100/td> 0/td> 0/td> 0/td>
Power/td> 2.2(3)/td> 3(4)/td> 5.5(7.5)/td> 3(4)/td> 3(4)/td> 5.5(7.5)/td>
Rotation Speed/td> 72/td> 72/td> 55/td> 55/td> 55/td> 55/td>
Transport volume    /td> 7——10/td> 10——18/td> 15-20/td> 10-19/td> 13-25/td> 20-45/td>
Angle/td> 20-60/td> 20-60/td> 20-60/td> 0-23/td> 0-23/td> 0-23/td>
Transmission mode/td> Direct connection of reducer/td> Direct connection of reducer/td> Direct connection of reducer/td> Trigonometric belt/td> Reducer chain/td> Reducer chain

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