Vertical Mixer

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The machine is a new type of vertical mixer. It is composed of a stirring plate, a feed outlet, a stirring arm, a rack, a gear box and a transmission mechanism. The machine is characterized by the driving shaft of the reducer, which makes it running, the stirring shaft has a fixed stirring tooth, and the stirring shaft drives the stirring tooth to mix the material fully and evenly.The mixer has the advantages of long operation life,energy saving, small volume, fast mixing speed, and can work continuously. It is especially suitable for urban and rural construction projects.
The machine is mainly used for mixing fertilizer raw materials.Therefore, it is not easy to stick to the materials and has high wear resistance. The colloidal-pin wheel reducer has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, and convenient discharge and transportation.
This machine can be divided into three parts:
1. Frame part: All the machine working bodies are installed and fixed on the frame.The frame of the machine is welded with high carbon steel plate and channel steel, and it has reached the purpose of use of the machine through strict product certification and specific process requirements.
2. Transmission connection part: The machine adopts the cyclonic gear reducer to drive the spindle rotation,and the main working part of the machine adopts nylon column pin is the transmission connector tooth and transmission drive, convenient for assembly and maintenance.
3. Mixing part:The transmission wheel passes through the pin coupling to the main shaft. The material is uniformly reversed in the mixing chamber, so that the material can be fully mixed, thereby greatly reducing the residual amount of the materials.
Model Mixer Rotate Speed Power Product Capacity Overall dimensions (L*W*H) Weight
Diameter Wall Height
mm mm r/min kw t/h mm Kg
PJ1600 1600 400 12 5.5 3-5 1612×1612×1368 1200
PJ1800 1800 400 10.5 7.5 4-6 1900×1812×1368 1400
PJ2200 2200 500 10.5 11 6-10 2300×2216×1503 1668
PJ2500 2500 550 9 15 10-16 2600×2516×1653 2050

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