Tons Bags Fertilizer Packing Machine

The tons bag fertilizer packaging machine is also called the big bag packing machine and the ton bag packer. It is a new generation intelligent packaging machine developed by our company. The machine is mainly composed of four parts, automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing device, computer control and so on. It is a kind of bulk packing equipment with unique structure and large packing capacity. It is a multi-purpose packaging machine, which integrates weight display, automatic bag removal, dust removal and fault alarm.

1.Accuracy: High precision weighing controller, good reliability. Good integrity, small area covering,flexible and convenient installation.
2.Environmental protection: Closed inner circulation system, which improves the working environment, and protects the health of employees.
3.The structure is reasonable: The structure is compact, the volume is small, and can be made into a fixed or mobile body according to the requirement of the users.

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