Fork-lift Silo

This machine is a new combination of capacity and evenly feeding. The machine has material storage bin, anti caking crushing device, discharging adjustment system and conveying device. The overall combination enables large volume storage of materials to be transported at a uniform speed and can be continuously working, especially for engineering applications such as chemical fertilizers and aquaculture.  
The machine is mainly used for the mechanized feeding and transport of raw materials. The raw material can be continuously fed by a shovel to reduce the artificial fatigue. The middle of the silo has a pulverizing and feeding device. The material in the silo is too much to start the pulverizing device. The main shaft runs to com-minuted and accumulated materials, so that the material is loose from the line, and falls on the conveyor belt. The main roller runs the belt, makes the material output evenly, and regulates the export baffle by itself. The shovel bin is suitable for the uniform conveying characteristics of various solid materials and certain moisture materials.
The whole machine can be divided into three parts:
1. Frame part: All the machine working body is fixed on the frame. The frame of the machine is welded by high carbon steel plate and channel steel. Through strict product certification and specific process requirements, the screen is fixed at the inlet, and the oversize material will remain on the screen or slide and ground when the shovel is thrown. It has reached the purpose used by this machine.
2. Transmission connection part: The machine adopts the cyclonic gear reducer to drive the spindle rotation, and the main working part of the machine uses the plum flower claw or the sprocket drive connector and the transmission drive, which is convenient for assembly and maintenance.
3. Conveying part: The conveyor belt is connected by butt connection. In the course of transportation, the conveyor is transported evenly, and the feeding of the belt is not even. The main (rear) roller uses the flower drum to avoid the problem of running deviation of the sticky belt, which greatly reduces the residue of the material.
model Dimensions (long and wide)  mm power 
1525type 3650×1750×2200 3+(4) 3.6 0.9
2030type 4200×2150×2550 4+(4) 8.3 1.4

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