Molten Tank

The melting pot is auxiliary equipment for granulator and coating machine. It is mainly used in compound fertilizer process. By spraying anti caking agent, the agglomeration problem of compound fertilizer is alleviated. The melting pot is made of stainless steel and can be selected as heating device. It is widely used in the granulating and coating system of compound fertilizer.
The top feed inlet is convenient to feed, and the observation hole is simple. The barrel is equipped with liquid level meter to observe the storage of liquid. The compound electric heating unit, the lower part of the metering pump and the outlet pipe, the discharge outlet, the thermonuclear and the transmission part are the intermediate transmission of the cyclonic needle wheel reducer. All the contact materials are 304 stainless steel and all surfaces are treated.
This machine is made up of frame, shell, mixing system, heating device, measuring system and power distribution cabinet. After the heating system is started, the liquid is input, the position of the liquid surface is observed, the motor of the mixing system is started to drive the rotating blade, so that the temperature of the liquid can be fully mixed to achieve the ideal effect, and it is convenient for the delivery of the metering pump. According to the actual situation, adjust the metering pump knob.
Model Driving Power Heating Power Heating Area Metering Pump Power Quality(T)


DYG1.0 XWD5-3KW 18(12)KW 1.7平方米 ZRJM2-0.8 o.37KW 0.75

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