How to design the npk fertilizer production line?


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 NPK fertilizer production process,it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,what type fertilizer equipment to be equipped?
How to design the npk fertilizer production process?
NPK fertilizer production line is mainly used to produce the npk,compound fertilizer,using the professional fertilizer production line to finish the fertilizer production process can improve the working efficient and simplify the manufacturing process.NPK  fertilizer production line can be devided into two type of npk fertilizer granulator production line and npk fertilizer powdery production line.
 In the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine,fertilizer granulator machine and so on.The fertilizer granulator machine can be the roller press granulator machine to make npk,compound fertilizer granulator.If we just need to make npk fertilizer into powdery,we just need not to use the fertilizer granulator machine in the fertilizer manufacturing process.

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