15t/h Rotary Drum Compound Fertilizer Production Line with A Dryer and Two Coolers


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The 15t/h Rotary Drum Compound Fertilizer Production Line with A Dryer and Two Coolers has the advantages of low investment, quick effect, good economic benefit, reasonable design, advanced technology and compact layout of complete set of equipment. Reduce the equipment energy consumption, make the equipment more energy saving, stable operation of equipment, no three waste discharge, reliable operation and easy maintenance. The fertilizer granulator used in this fertilizer production line is a kind of NPK and organic fertilizer granulator, called rotary drum granulator. In the process of processing compound fertilizer, the drum granulator should adopt low temperature and large air volume to minimize the temperature difference between the drying head and the tail.The tail temperature is the key point of control, generally controlled at 45-65℃, the urea dosage is 3-9%, and the tail temperature is controlled at about 65℃.The urea dosage should be 10-20%, and the tail temperature should be controlled at about 60℃.The amount of urea should be 21-38%, and the temperature of the tail should be controlled at about 55℃, to prevent the melting of urea at too high temperature to produce too much liquid phase, large particles or mud phenomenon.If ammonium chloride is used as the nitrogen source, the tail temperature can be controlled at about 65-80℃, and the drying tail temperature should be determined and adjusted according to the output and the actual situation of the equipment.Drying temperature is not fixed, the main reference system should be the size of air volume, production formula and drying out of the material to determine the drying conditions, granulation machine material moisture, temperature and drying temperature of the organic ground is the key.Rotating strand granulator can also be used in the organic fertilizer production line.

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