Compost Turning Machine Installation Site


Compared with the traditional mechanical tossing equipment, this equipment has made a new breakthrough in the problem of the turning span.From the point of view of energy saving, the equipment adopts energy saving and efficient transmission mechanism.The equipment adopts an intermediate chain drive mechanism to drive two large diameter turning wheel, symmetrical turning, no dead Angle adjustable shifting trolley, left and right displacement, low energy consumption to complete the long span back throwing work.In the case of deep stacking material, the special energy-saving transmission mechanism uses less power to complete the turning work with high depth and long span.Its hydraulic lifting system can automatically lift the large plate to ensure that equipment can be barrier-free movement.In addition, the supporting fully automatic electrical control system further ensures convenient operation, safety and reliability of the equipment.Different span can be customized according to customer's situation. Compost Turning Machine is used in organic fertilizer production line.  

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