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The Animal manure organic production line basically includes: raw material selection (animal manure, etc.) → drying and sterilization → mixing of ingredients → granulation → cooling screening → metering and sealing → warehousing of finished products.
Complicated animal feces organic fertilizer production line is: the organic raw materials (animal waste, living garbage, deadwood rotten leaves, the renewal, strains of abandoned, etc.) entered crusher for crushing of half wet material is after fermentation, then add the NPK elements such as (pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.) that contains mineral elements to reach the required standard, and then have a mixer for mixing, granulation mechanism into the grain, after drying, through sieving machine screening, qualified product packaging, unqualified return granulator granulation. Organic fertilizer machine can be customized according to the customer's own situation..
The fineness of raw materials is very important to the production process of organic fertilizer.According to the experience of our company, the fineness of the whole material should be matched with the following: 100-60 points of raw material accounting for about 30%-40%, 60 points to about 1.00mm in diameter of raw material accounting for about 35%, and about 25%-30% in diameter of 1.00-2.00mm in small particles, the fineness of the material is higher, the more sticky, the granule surface finish is also higher after granulation.However, in the production process, excessive proportion of high fineness materials tend to cause problems such as too large particles and irregular particles due to too good viscosity.The fertilizer granulator used in this organic fertilizer production line is a NPK and organic fertilizer granulator.

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