Malaysia Large-angle Belt Conveyor for Organic Fertilizer Machine


Large-angle Belt Conveyor is a good helper for fertilizer production process. The Large-angle Belt Conveyor is constructed by connecting a freely stretchable rubber wavy vertical "skirt" on both sides of the flat rubber conveyor belt, and a cross cylinder with a certain strength and elasticity is formed between the skirts. , The material is continuously transported in the barrel. It can be widely used in coal, food, building materials, chemical industry, hydropower, metallurgy and other sectors. It can transport various bulk materials with a specific gravity of 0.5-2.5t/m3 in the range of -15°C~ +40°C. For materials with special requirements, such as high temperature, acid, alkali, oily substances or organic solvent materials, special rib conveyor belts should be used to convey the inclination angle in the range of 0°~90°. In the organic fertilizer production line, the conveyor is the link connecting the fertilizer granulator and the fertilizer crusher. It is the most common and indispensable fertilizer equipment in the fertilizer production process. Features of Malaysia Large-angle Belt Conveyor for Organic Fertilizer Machine: 1. Resistant to cracking and hardening in the tropics. 2. Maintain its flexibility. 3. Working temperature:-15°C~+40°C. 4. Working angle 0 degree to 90 degree (optimum value is 70 degree).

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