How to make bio organic fertilizer?


 Producing the organic fertilizer or npk,compound fertilizer by using the fertilizer manufacturing process is more easier and simplify the production process.How to produce the bio organic fertilizer?
Fertilizer machine manufacturer also designed the bio fertilizer production line to make the bio organic fertilizer granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process.
First step,it is equipped with fermentation compost turner machine to compost the raw materials for sometime.Using the machine to ferment the raw mateirals can save more time to make the fertilizer.  Then using the fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer mixer machine to deal with the raw materials.Next to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator.In the bio organic fertilizer production line,we can equip with the rotary drum granulator machine to make the bio organic fertilizer granulator.
After granulating,we need to use the fertilizer screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator,and put the quality fertilizer granulator into the packing machine and at the same time,put the inquality fertilizer granulator into the chain crusher machine to be made granulator again.

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