Processing technology of commerical organic fertilizer


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 Organic fertilizer can be produced by using all types of organic fertilizer machine.Now the designing of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process also to be designed for different type and series.There,we share more about the processing technology of commerical organic fertilizer.
The main materials for the production of commerical organic fertilizer include livestock manure,municipal sludge,domestic garbage,bran,crop straw,sugar production and paper filter mud,food and fermentation industrial wastes and other urban and rural organic soild wastes.In terms of materials sources,the range of materials is quite wide,but the ingredients are also extremenly complex.
However,no matter for any raw material,the production process of commerical organic fertilizer is no more than two parts.One is the process of rettinng fermentation and maturity of organic materials,which is used to kill pathogenic,microorganisms and parasite eggs for harmless treatment;the other is the granulaion production process of maturity materials,which is used to make organic fertilizer have good commerical properties,stable nutrient content and fertilizer effect,convenient for transportation,storage,sale and application.  Fermentation and granulation as the main step of production,the mechanical equipment used naturally become the core equipment of an organic fertilizer production line.In general,tank fermentation is used for fermentation,so the cost is low and the fermentation efficiency is relatively high.In terms of equipment selection,ordinary tank type stacker,double screw stacker or chain plate stacker can be used,which is controlled according to site conditions and cost.When the equipment is selected for granulation,the agitator granulator is used for the granlation of pure organic fertilizer.If the compound fertilizer is mixed,there is a special compound fertilizer granulator.It is an upgraded version of the agitator granulator,which has certain advantages in the production of compound fertlizer.

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