Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line


Producing the organic fertilizer,the raw materials are all kinds of different.The common raw materials can be used to make organic fertilizer can be the chicken manure,cow manure,livestock manure,straw and so on.The chicken manure organic fertilizer production line to be designed.
The output of chicken manure in standardized scale chicken manure farm is huge.If it cannot be handled reasonably and effectively,it will cause great threat human and animal health and environment.Chicken manure is rich in organic matter,which can provide a variety of crops with nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other trace elements.If it is produced into high-quality organic fertilizer through chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment,it can produce good social,ecological and economic benefits.
When producing the organic ferilizer using the chicken manure,we are first to ferment the raw materials by using the fermentation compost turner machine.After applying chicken manure organic fertilizer to crops,the product quality and yield can be significantly improved;when applying chicken manure organic fertilizer to the land,the physical and chemical properties of the soil can be effectively improved,the permeability,water and fertilizer retention capacity of the soil can be enhanced,the soil hardening and acidification can be prevented,the adverse effects of soil salt on crops can be significantly reduced,and the continuous cropping obstacles of crops can be alleviated.

At present,due to the unreasonable structure of fertilizer varieties,backward fertilization technology and imperfect fertilizer mangement system,the farmland is hardened and the soil is acidfied,which aggravates the non-point source pollution of soil and seriously endangers the quality and safety of agricultural products and health of the people.For this reason,the Minstry of agriculture has formulated the goal of zero growth of fertilizer consumption of main crops in 2020 in time,and actively encouraged the production and use of organic fertilizer by limiting the use of chemical fertilizer,which to be produced by using the compound fertilizer production line.Therefore,the production  of chicken manure organic fertilizer has broad market space and development prospects.
In this way,the estabilishment of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line to commericialize chicken manure has become a good investment project.It is very important to choose chicken manure fermentation equipment for fermentation,which is the core step of turning waste into treasure.First of all,when choosing the fermentation site,generally choose the sunny,flat and high-lying place,it is better to build temperature of chicken manure compost,shorten the fermentation cycle,and promote the rapid maturity of the compost;at the same time,increase the nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium nutrient content of the compost,improve the quality of the compost,plus its deodorizing effect,so that the stinky chicken manure becomes a good partner of the soil.

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