How to deal with air leakage of dryer in organic fertilizer production line


In the organic fertilizer machine processing process, if the drying equipment air leakage? This is not a small problem. Once the drying equipment leaks, the whole fertilizer production line will have operation problems. A small problem will lead to a big problem, the air leakage of dryer should be given high attention.

If the air leakage of the dryer is mainly manifested in the contact surface between the equipment and the engine hood, the contact position between the product door and the cover, tail and smoke chamber is the surface air leakage, but the impact of different positions is different, but the efforts of the fan will be wasted and the power consumption will increase. When the air leakage of dryer changes, the balance between calciner and machine air will change.

Air leakage on the top of the equipment will affect the secondary air intake, thereby reducing air temperature and increasing heat consumption. Air leakage at the end of the equipment will affect the amount of air used during the combustion of the equipment, resulting in insufficient combustion, increased coal usage, and increased carbon monoxide emissions from the equipment, leading to flue rise and smoke condensation.
Although air leakage is not a big problem, it is a common problem. However, if this problem is not solved, it may lead to major problems, which is also a special mechanical failure. Therefore, we should pay attention to any failure of organic fertilizer machine. Whether it is small equipment such as roller press granulator, pulverizer and mixer, or large equipment such as dryer, cooler and drum granulator, maintenance should be done well.

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