Precautions for purchasing cow manure organic fertilizer granulation machine


Cow manure organic fertilizer machine is widely used. Using organic fertilizer granulator to make livestock manure into organic fertilizer can not only solve environmental pollution, but also improve soil organic matter. Now many people use cow dung to make organic fertilizer because it is a little easier to handle than other dung.

Cattle are omnivorous animals, and the feces contain less long fibers. Therefore, the roundness of particles produced by organic fertilizer granulator will be better. Roller press granulator is suitable for NPK fertilizer, and flat mold granulator is suitable for fermentation materials with more fiber.

Notes on purchasing cow manure organic fertilizer machine

1. When purchasing cow manure organic fertilizer equipment, customers pay attention to the quality. Quality is the life of the equipment, and ensuring the normal operation of the equipment is the foundation. If there is no good quality, the appearance will have problems sooner or later. A good manufacturer will strictly control the quality and keep improving;

2. The price of equipment is an important factor for buyers to consider. Different equipment configurations will result in different prices. How to select a good manufacturer at the same price is our consideration. However, we should bear in mind that the more equipment with the same price can meet the demand of production, the higher the cost performance ratio.

3. Factory field inspection, to choose the formal registration, qualified manufacturers, to ensure that the quality and after-sales are guaranteed.

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