Methods of applying organic fertilizer machine processed commercial fertilizer


1. After the commercial fertilizer is processed by the organic fertilizer machine, the nutrients of the fertilizer are more comprehensive and the durability is better. However, the long-acting properties of organic fertilizers cannot replace the quick-acting properties of chemical fertilizers. It must be applied according to different crops and soils, combined with urea, formula fertilizers, etc., to increase and renew soil organic matter, improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity, in order to achieve the best effect.

2. The roller press granulator can make organic fertilizer into granules, which is easy to use. Commercial organic fertilizer is generally used as base fertilizer and seed fertilizer. Before planting, the fertilizer should be evenly spread, ploughed into the soil or mixed with chemical fertilizer before sowing. Attention should be paid to prevent centralized application of fertilizer and burning of seedlings.
3. When commercial organic fertilizer is used as topdressing, sufficient water must be poured in time.

4. When commercial organic fertilizer is used on dry land crops in high temperature season, it is necessary to reduce the amount of application properly to prevent seedling burning.

5. The pH value of commercial organic fertilizer should be paid attention to, and its adaptability and application amount should be paid attention to in different soil environment.

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