The designing of biofertilizer production


 The biofertilizer production line to be designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer.In the biofertilizer manufactuiring process,what type fertilizer machine to be equipped to finish the production process.There the fertilizer machine manufacturers share the production process of bio organic fertilizer.
The raw materials of producing bio organic fertilizer can be the straw materials,cow manure,chicken manure and other livestock manure which it contains some organic matter in the raw materials.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,when producing the bio organic fertilizer into granulator,we can divide the manufacturing process divided into three parts:fermenting part,mixing part and granulating part.In this part,we use different type and series fertilizer machine to finish the production process.

 Fermenting parts:using the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials using the fermenting technology,using the fertilizer machine to ferment the raw materials can save more time in the production process.
Mixing part:Before mixing,using the fertilizer crushe machine to be first to crush the big and hard raw materials then put them into the fertilizer mixer machine which we can choose the horizontal mixer machine.Next to put them into the fertilizer granulator machine to make granulator.
Granulating parts:In these process,it can use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer granulator.In biofertilizer production line,we can use the rotary drum granulator machine to make the bio organic fertilizer granulator machine that the series fertilizer granulator machine is suitable for the organic fertilizer production.

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