Rapid processing of organic fertilizer from chicken manure


 Chicken manure can be made into organic fertilizer.How can we produce the chicken manure into organic fertilizer?The transformation of the chicken house into a biological fermentation bed,for example,the chicken manure is not cleaned and transported every day,but the transformation of the chicken house.First,pave a layer of turf,sawdust and other materials with strong adsorption under the chicken house,and then sprinkle microbial agents on the materials through the iron fence every year remove chicken manure once.Chicken excrement urine is fermented slowly by microorganism in the chicken house,and it is basically fermented and rotted when it leaves the chicken house.Using the organic fertilizer machine to make into organic fertilizer.

 After the chicken manure is cleaned and transported from the chicken house,it is directly transported to the organic fertilizer processing plant,and then transfered to the drying drum,where high-temperature air is introduced to quickly dry and expand.
After crushing,granulating using the fertilizer granulator machine,drying and extruding the chicken manure,it will be crushed and then extruded into columnar particles to become the finished organic fertilizer.

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