The important role of organic fertilizer in fruit trees


 Organic fertilizer can be produced by using all types of fertilizer machine which to be equipped in organic fertilizer production line.The organic fertilizer contains many nutrient raw matetials and it can be used in different filed.What role of organic fertilizer has in fruit trees?
The function of organic fertilizer on fruit trees is irreplaceable.
Firstly,it contains rich and comprehensive nutrients,which is not possessed by any kind of chemical fertilizer.
Secondly,it can improve the soil of the fruit.The organic fertilizer to be produced into granular by using the fertilizer granulator machine.
Thirdly,it is benefical to promote the activities of soil microorganisms,accelerate the small cycle of soil orgnaisms,and promote the growth and development of fruit trees. fertilizer can produce a lot of organic acids in the decomposition process,which can change some insoluble nutrients into soluble nutrients,so as to improve the utilization rate of soil nutrients.
Therefore,we must pay attention to the use of organic fertilizer in orchard.Generally,the application amount of organic fertilizer should be equal to or double fruit yield.

 Organic fertilizer is a complete fertilizer which it can be made into fertilizer granulator by using the disc granulator or rotary drum granulator,but the nutrient mainly exists in organic state,which can be absorbed and utilized by apple trees only after being decomposed.However,at present,most of the organic fertilizer applied is transported while accumulating,and transported with application,such as human and animal manure,compost etc,which are directly applied without decomposition.Direct application of unripe organic fertilizer,not only failed to provide nutrients for the absorption and utilization of fruits trees in time,affected their normal growth and development,but also hurt the root system of apple trees due to the harmful substances roduced in the process of decomposition,and it is difficult to make the fertilizer effect of decomposition consistent with the fertilizer demand time of apple trees,often resulting in the loss or waste of fertilizer effect.

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