How to produce npk fertilizer?


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 In recent,years,the global NPK compound fertilizer market has seen a huge growth,because people are more and more aware of the urgency  and necessity of balanced fertilization,and the development of NPK compound fertilizer production technology and formula has also played a role in promoting the growth.So the NPK fertilizer production line is also to be designed.
In addition,NPK compound fertilizer often has more premium space than single fertilizer,so many manufacturers have incorporated NPK compound fertilizer often has more premium space than single fertilizer,so many manufacturers have incorporated NPK compound fertilizer into their product portfolio.
The common granulation processes of compound fertilizer include rotary drum granulation,disc granulation,spray granulation,tower granulation etc.
High concentration nitro compound fertilizer was produced by higher tower melt rotating granulation.This technology is to spray the melt of nitourea,phosphorus and potassium from the top of the granulation tower,cool down and agglomerate into particles in the process of falling in the tower,which is also called melting granulation.In the ammonium nitrate production enterprise,using the high tower melting granulation method to produce compound fertilizer has the following advantages :
Firstly,it can directly use the concentrated solution of ammonium nitrate and the crushing of the solid ammonium nitrate to produce compound fertilizer.The operation simplifies the production process and ensures the production safety.
Secondly,the melt rotary granulation process makes full use of the heat energy of the concentrated solution of ammonium nitrate.The moisture content of the material is very low,and no drrying process is required which greatly saves engery consumption.

 Drum granulator is the most widely used equipment in the production of compound fertilizer.The formula limit is relatively small.It is also possible to use partical ammoniation.For the most equipment types,2-3 million can be used as a production line,with a daily output of more than 280-400 tons and a good formula of more than 500 tons.Because of its advantages of relatively small formula limit,high output,less investment and short construction period,drum granulation technology is favored by many compound fertilizer manufacturers and adopted by more and more copmpound fertilizer manufacturers.Using this method we can use the rotary drum granulator machine to finish the production process.

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