The difference of bio fertilizer with other type fertilizer


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 Producing the organic fertilizer chemical fertilizer or bio organic fertilizer all can use different type fertilizer production line which in the line  it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment.The bioorganic fertilizer also can be produced,it is to be seem as an organic fertilizer,what difference of the biofertilizer with other type fertilizer?
The differences between bio organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer are as follows:1)there are complete nutrient elements in bio organic fertilizer;there are only one or several elements in chemical fertilizer which the chemical fertilizer can be produced in npk fertilizer production line.
2)Bio organic fertilizer can improve the soil;fertilizer often used will cause soil hardening.
3)Bio organic fetilizer can improve the quality of products;excessive application of chemical fertilizer leads to poor quality of products.
4)Bio organic fertilizer can improve the rhizosphere microbial population and improve the resistance of plants to diseases and insects;chemical fertilizer is a single microbial population of crops,prone to diseases and insect pests.
5)Bio organic fertilizer can promote the utilization of chemical fertilizer and improve the utilization of chemical fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer;the use of chemical fertilizer alone is easy to cause nutrient fixation and loss.

 Difference between bio organic fertilizer and refined organic fertilizer with producing in organic fertilizer production line:Refined organic fertilizer is a kind of commerical organic fertilizer which is packaged and sold after the excrement of livestock and polutry is dried and crushed.
1)The bio organic fertilizer is completely rotten,without burning roots seedings;the refined organic fertilizer is not rotted,and will be rotted in the soil after direct use,which will cause the phenomenon of burning seedings.
2)The bio organic fertilizer can kill most of the pathogenic bacteria and eggs and reduce the occurence of diseases and insect pests when it is decomposed in high temperature;the refined organic fertilizer can attract underground pests when it is decomposed in the soil.
3)Benefical bacteria are added to the bio organic fertilizer to reduce the occurence of disease due to the occupying effect of the flora;all the microorganisms in the refined organic fertilizer are killed due to high temperature drying.
4)The nutrient content of bio organic fertilizer is high,and the nutrient loss of refined organic fertilizer is caused by high temperature treatment.
5)The odor of bio organic fertilizer is light and almost odorless after deodorization;the odor of refined organic fertilizer appears after returning to the tide without deodorization.

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