How to transport and sotre the bio organic fertilizer?


 After producing the organic or bio organic fertilizer granulator using all types of  fertilizer equipment to finish the fertilizer manufacturing process.But how to transport and store the bio organic fertilizer?
In order to avoid unnecessary loss during the transportion and storage of bio organic fertilizer,the following points must be achieved:
1.When transporting and storing bio organic fertilizer,it should be avoided to be confused with ammonium bicarbonate,calcium magnesium phosphate and other basic fertilizers.
2.Bio organic fertilizer which is to be produced by the biofertilizer production line,is easy to lose nutrients when encountering water.It should be kept away from rain during transportation and in a dry and ventilated place.
3.There are benefical microorganisms in the bio organic fertilizer.The ultraviolet light in the sun will affect the normal growth and reproduction of benefical microorganisms.Pay attention to shade during transportation and storage.  Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry  Machinery Co.Ltd is professional producing the fertilizer machine and designing the fertilizer production line to finish the production process.Using these automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer machine not only improve the working efficient,it also improve the using rate of the raw  materials.

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