The function of humic acid organic fertilizer


In the process of organic fertilizer machine processing fertilizer, humic acid will be used, which plays an important role in the whole process. The following professional organic fertilizer production machine manufacturers will explain the application of humic acid in organic fertilizer.

1. Humic acid can improve soil structure and promote the formation of aggregates. Humic acid fertilizer can enhance the ability of soil to maintain and supply fertilizer, reduce the loss of effective nutrients, and the fertilizer supply time is long. The improvement of aggregate structure can make the fertilizer efficiency of various quick acting fertilizers change from "violent, fierce, short" to "slow, stable and long.

2. Increase the buffer capacity of the soil, improve the acid soil, transform the saline alkali land. There are more acidic soils in some areas. After applying humic acid fertilizer, humic acid reacts with iron and aluminum plasma in soil to form a new compound. In addition, the buffer effect of humic acid itself can reduce the acidity of acid soil. In the saline alkali land distributed in arid areas, the application of humic acid fertilizer can change the structure of soil surface layer, increase the aggregate structure, destroy the conditions of salt rising, and play a role of "salt separation".
The above is about the application of humic acid in organic fertilizer. We are a professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturer, producing NPK fertilizer granulator, roller press granulator, drum granulator, fertilizer grinder, dryer, compost tipper. Welcome to consult.

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