Roller fertilizer pelletizer with excellent granulation efficiency


Usually factories use fertilizer granulators for daily granulation work. Roller press pelletizer have excellent granulation efficiency and can effectively control the shape and size of materials. Therefore, more and more factories use this machine to granulate materials during the processing stage of organic fertilizer machine.

In the process of fertilizer granulation, workers will put materials into the roller press granulator, and the machine will make granules by extrusion. And will be in the machine granulation process to add the right amount of additives, so as to reduce the adhesion of materials. At the same time, after granulation, workers will put the material into the polishing machine for proper polishing operation, so as to increase the surface gloss of the material.
Because the roller press granulator can effectively control the shape and size of materials, it is widely used in the fertilizer manufacturing industry; at the same time, the excellent granulation efficiency makes this machine deeply loved by the industry.

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