Fertilizer machine manufacturer introduces reasons for purchasing roller granulator


As a professional organic fertilizer machine factory, our double roller press granulator has the following advantages:

1. Circulation operation, realize continuous production, high output of finished products;

2. The material is compressed by mechanical pressure, without any additives, and the purity of the product is guaranteed.

3. The particle strength can be adjusted, and the finished product strength can be controlled by adjusting the roller pressure;

4. The extrusion granulator is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, and the particle strength can be adjusted freely according to different materials.

5. Compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low failure rate.

The double roller extrusion pelletizer consists of the following main components: hinged press frame, easy to replace roller components, floating and fixed rollers, main transmission device with reduction gear, feeding equipment, hydraulic pressure boosting system, automatic grease. Enclosed machine housing to minimize the spread of dust.

Technical parameters of roller press granulator

The whole Huaqiang brand of this machine is divided into DZJ Ⅰ series and Ⅱ series, the power includes 15Kw, 18.5Kw, 22Kw. The output is 1-3 (t/h), and the moisture content of the raw materials is generally controlled at 2%-8%. The roller pelletizer is a newly developed high-efficiency and energy-saving product in our factory. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, safety and reliability, convenient use, and output power. This model is equipped with a refueling system, which greatly improves the life of the machine.

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