Points for attention in roller extrusion granulation


Roller press granulator uses physical method to granulation. The whole process has no pollution and no waste. It is a very environment-friendly organic fertilizer machine. The following will lead you to understand the use of double roller extrusion granulator precautions.

Working principle of double roller press granulator

When the roller extrusion pelletizer is working, it is forced to roll the material into shape by two opposite moving roller skins of the granulation machine. Semi circular spherical cavities are regularly distributed on the two cylindrical roller skins. When the roller skin rotates against each other, the two semicircular cavities just form a complete spherical mold, and the materials inside are forced to be extruded into spherical particles. Due to the continuity of extrusion production, the particles and particles are connected together when they are just extruded, forming a cloth full of particles, which needs to be broken up by the crushing roller and divided into small round particles, and then screened from the screen to select the qualified particles.

The use of roller press granulator

When the double roller extrusion pelletizer is producing granular fertilizers, it should be noted that the ball sockets on the two roller skins should be properly positioned. If they are not adjusted in place, they will be misaligned during granulation and cannot produce qualified products. Granular fertilizer. In addition, after the particles are formed, they are released from the ball socket of the roller skin in time, so that uninterrupted production can be realized. If the formed particles are not released in time, complete particles will not be formed, which will affect the normal production.

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