Precautions for the use of organic fertilizer


The production of organic fertilizer requires a series of organic fertilizer equipment. This set of organic fertilizer equipment can be used as an organic fertilizer production line.
Commercial organic fertilizers: do not use inferior organic fertilizers that use urban garbage and sludge as raw materials, or heavy metals that exceed the standard, and that have not been treated with high temperature or harmlessness.
Manure: It must be applied after fermentation and decomposing. At the same time, it should be applied selectively according to the soil quality. For example, clay soil should be applied with manure with high organic matter content but low mineral element content, such as sheep dung and cow dung.
Stable manure: The same should be decomposed. Fresh manure contains hard-to-decompose cellulose and lignin. The carbon and nitrogen are relatively large, while most of the nitrogen is in the organic state. If fresh manure is used directly, it will absorb soil nutrients and water during the process of microbial decomposition. Compete with crops for fertilizer.
Cake fertilizer: It can be used only after it is decomposed as top dressing. For direct application, the cake fertilizer should be fully crushed and then applied in the ditch, and slightly away from the root system to avoid heat burn during fermentation.
Green manure: Mainly pay attention to the characteristics of the green manure, sowing time, and pressing period. Another point is that the green manure needs to be fertilized properly to achieve the effect of small fertilizer and large fertilizer.
In addition, when applying organic fertilizers, attention should be paid to the use of inorganic fertilizers, biological bacterial fertilizers, etc. to meet the nutritional needs of crops. In severe soil problems and critical crop growth periods, sea spirit biostimulant (root application type) can be used in conjunction to strengthen the root system, improve the soil, and enhance crop nutrition.
The raw materials of organic fertilizer are not used, and there will be some differences in the organic fertilizer machine used in the production process.
Although organic fertilizer has many benefits, it should not be used in excess. Excessive use of organic fertilizers can cause the following situations to occur: burning seedlings, a large accumulation of nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium in the soil, resulting in imbalance of soil nutrients; accumulation of nitrate ions in the soil, resulting in excessive crop nitrate salt, and high soil solution concentration, which is not conducive Root water absorption, etc.

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