The specific role of organic fertilizer


Effect on soil fertility. Physical properties: The physical properties of soil are directly related to the supply capacity of soil nutrients. Numerous studies have shown that the application of organic fertilizers can improve the physical properties of the soil. The specific manifestation is that long-term application of organic fertilizers can increase the structure of soil aggregates, increase air permeability, increase water retention, and decrease soil bulk density. In the organic fertilizer production line, the production of fertilizer can be quantified and qualitative.
Chemical properties: Long-term application of organic fertilizers can activate soil nutrients, increase soil nutrient content, enhance soil fertility supply, and adjust soil pH and soil conductivity.

Biological properties: Soil microorganisms can reflect the exuberant degree of material metabolism in the soil and are an important indicator of soil fertility. Application of organic fertilizer can increase soil enzyme activity and improve the living environment of microorganisms.
Harmful substances: The application of organic fertilizers can increase and renew the organic matter content of the soil, which can greatly improve the adsorption capacity of the soil, which is beneficial to remove toxic substances from the soil or reduce their poisoning. If you want to do organic fertilizer business, welcome to visit our organic fertilizer machine factory.
Impact on crops Crop yield: The application of organic fertilizers can provide organic and inorganic nutrients needed for crop growth and development, improve the soil environment, thereby promoting crop growth and increasing yield.
Crop quality: Increased application of organic fertilizer can have a good effect on crop quality by improving plant nutrition and growth conditions, including appearance quality, taste and flavor.

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