Precautions for using roller press granulator to produce fertilizer


Usually, when we use the double roller press granulator to produce fertilizer, we need to pay attention to the following: the application conditions of the roller press granulator are not so harsh, the main thing is the requirements for the production of particles, irregular particles are OK, and there is also the problem of particle hardness. They should not be too soft. If they are too soft, they cannot be transported over long distances.

In the production of fertilizer, it is necessary to carry out production according to the crushing and moisture content of the materials. If the materials can not meet the production requirements, the production can not be carried out, because this will lead to the decrease of the pelletizing rate of the particles and the screening can not be carried out.
However, as an industrial organic fertilizer machine, the sanitation requirements are low. When the roller press granulator is used to produce medicine or food for people to eat, the production requirements of roller granulator are high. The external part of the equipment can be the original material, but from the feeding to discharging, including the internal part of the machine, stainless steel materials are required to be used wherever the materials are contacted, so as to ensure the quality and hygiene of the products produced by the granulator. Grasp the above several main application conditions, you can skillfully use the equipment.

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