What technologies and services are provided by organic fertilizer machine manufacturers


It has become the main waste disposal method to process and produce fertilizer by organic fertilizer machine. This way is not only efficient and high profit, but also green and pollution-free, which is loved by customers. Many customers have questions about what technical services we provide when using organic fertilizer equipment. Huaqiang fertilizer equipment factory will explain what technical services we provide.

Technology and service

1. On site investigation, draw equipment layout drawings, and provide equipment foundation drawings;
2.On-site guidance for installation, test run, and operator training;
3. The warranty period of the equipment is one year, and the Seller shall repair the equipment free of charge due to manufacturing quality problems during the warranty period;
4. Responsible for equipment life-long maintenance, providing spare parts all year round;
5. Responsible for providing production technology and technology of bio organic fertilizer fermentation.
As a professional organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturer, we provide various granulators, roller press granulator, drum granulator, disc granulator machine, organic fertilizer pelletizer to meet the production needs. In the organic fertilizer equipment production, installation and post service are done very carefully, to avoid the worries of customers.

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