Is farm manure processing organic fertilizer profitable


How much does it cost to produce one ton of granular organic fertilizer? How many tons of manure can make a ton of finished organic fertilizer? What is the cost of organic fertilizer machine and infrastructure? How many cubic meters of raw materials are needed to produce one ton of organic fertilizer from chicken manure and pig manure? How much pig manure can a pig produce per day? How much chicken manure can a chicken produce every day? How much raw material does a small pig farm have each year? How much processing capacity of pig manure organic fertilizer production line equipment is needed? The above problems are all to be understood before we do organic fertilizer project.

How to use the feces of large-scale livestock breeding and make green ecological organic fertilizer? We suggest that we first estimate the approximate annual production according to the situation of large-scale farms and the amount of aquaculture. Then, according to the local land use situation, we can see how much area needs to be determined for the use of organic fertilizer production plants.
According to the material moisture content, 1.8-2.5 tons of manure can produce one ton of granular organic fertilizer. Then we need to consider the cost of producing one ton of pig manure organic fertilizer, the cost of raw materials, the cost of biological fermentation bacteria (this cost is generally relatively small), the cost of labor wages, equipment, site, plant costs. If we plan to produce granular organic fertilizer, which fertilizer granulator (roller press granulator, disc granulator, flat die pellet mill, etc.) should be considered. The value and cost of granular fertilizer are higher. The profit is still very high when the whole cost is calculated.

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