How to deal with dust during organic fertilizer machine processing


The organic fertilizer production line needs to go through multiple processes to obtain fertilizer products. In the production process, there will be dust, which has a certain impact on the environment. So how to deal with the dust in the processing of organic fertilizer machine?

For the small organic fertilizer production line, we have added cyclone dust collector. The principle of cyclone dust collector is simple, the structure is not complex, the whole equipment is self-contained, and does not need too much floor space. The power demand of cyclone dust collector is small, it will not consume too much power in the operation process, the maintenance cost is not high, the investment cost is low, and the dust removal effect is good, especially for the dust larger than 5um, and it will not be limited by the temperature and concentration of dust airflow. If the multi-layer dust removal chamber is set up to increase the efficiency, it is difficult to deal with the high-temperature dust gas, and it is difficult to discharge the dust at the same time. However, compared with the flexible dust remover, the volume of the dust removal chamber is too large, which wastes the building area.
The organic fertilizer production line of our factory has less dust and more environmental protection. The production workshop is basically dust-free, and all running equipment can be equipped with sealed dust removal devices, which are sent to the bag filter for bag dust removal. The production process of roller press granulator is more environmental friendly, and saves drying and dust removal process.

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