The main source of family flower fertilizer


The main source of family flower fertilizer
Flowers, like other plants, need a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers during their growth. At present, urban flower lovers often worry about fertilizer for growing flowers. Some people suffer from the lack of fertilizer and apply some domestic chemical fertilizers to flowers, which greatly affects the growth of flowers. In fact, fertilizers for growing flowers are everywhere. Many wastes and debris in the family's daily life will accumulate them into fertilizer, which is enough to supply potted flowers.
◆Nitrogen fertilizer
Nitrogen fertilizer is the main fertilizer that stimulates the growth of flower roots, stems and leaves. Those inedible beans, peanuts, melon seeds, hemp seeds, hemp seeds and other oils are all good nitrogen fertilizer raw materials. If these things are fermented and decomposed, diluted with water, and poured into the soil, the flowers will thrive.
◆Phosphate fertilizer
The raw materials of phosphate fertilizer are fish bones, bones, eggshells, scales of freshwater fish, cut hair, nails, etc. Mix these sundries evenly in the flower soil in an appropriate amount, or after fermentation and decomposing, add water to dilute and pour them into the pot soil, which will make the flowers bright, bright and full of fruits.
Potassium fertilizer can increase the ability of flowers to resist lodging and prevent pests and diseases. Washing rice water, leftover tea water, and washing milk bottle water are all good potash fertilizers, and they also contain appropriate components of nitrogen and phosphorus.
◆Drug residue
Medicinal dregs are also a good flower fertilizer. Chinese herbal medicines are mostly the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, skins of plants, as well as the limbs, internal organs or shells of poultry, beasts, insects, fish, and some minerals that are needed for the growth of flowers. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers are all contained in traditional Chinese medicine residues. According to experiments, the flowers grown with the dregs of traditional Chinese medicine as fertilizer have the characteristics of fast growth, luxuriant branches and leaves, and strong disease resistance. The flowers also bloom brightly and have a stronger fragrance.
Use the dregs of traditional Chinese medicine as flower fertilizer. Firstly, the dregs are dried and ground into powder, and then applied to the soil, or put the dregs into the jars, bowls and other containers, mixed into the soil, and then mixed with some water, and left for a while. After the dregs of medicine are decayed and turned into humus, they are generally used as base fertilizer. After the flowers are planted, they are covered with a layer of soil, which can be properly mixed in at any time according to the growth of flowers. Use medicine dregs as fertilizers should be appropriate, too much will affect the growth of flowers. The production of household fertilizer cannot use fertilizer granulator machine.

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