Why use manure processing equipment?


In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of pollution in the livestock and poultry breeding industry, reduce the discharge of waste water and the input of chemical substances to the environment, and reduce pollution to the minimum, not only must the treatment process be harmless, but also the treatment process must be resourced and effective. Protect and improve the rural ecological environment, and promote the sustainable and coordinated development of the livestock and poultry breeding environment and economy. Organic fertilizer machine is also manure processing equipment, and organic fertilizer equipment can turn waste into treasure.
Livestock and poultry breeding wastewater generally requires the use of multiple technologies. Huazhiqiang manure treatment mainly has two modes: one is anaerobic treatment mode, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized aquaculture enterprises. The other is anaerobic and eutrophic treatment separately, this mode is suitable for large-scale farms.
Wastewater from livestock and poultry breeding is very harmful. Large-scale livestock and poultry farms across the country discharge a large amount of wastewater from livestock and poultry breeding. The wastewater contains a large amount of ammonia nitrogen, heavy metals, CODcr, and pathogens and residual veterinary drugs. If not treated in time, the pollution caused is immeasurable.
Pollution to crops is serious, and the wastewater from livestock and poultry breeding contains more nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. If not treated, the crops will absorb too much phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which is extremely unfavorable to the crops, causing the crops to grow only seedlings, do not receive fruits, and mature late. Reduce crop yields.
Wastewater from livestock and poultry breeding causes serious air pollution. Wastewater from livestock and poultry breeding will produce a large amount of toxic and odorous gases such as H2S and NH3 during the fermentation process. These gases seriously affect the health of animals and breeding personnel, and affect the growth and development of animals.
The manure can be turned into organic fertilizer raw materials through fermentation and decomposing. Through the NPK and organic fertilizer granulator, it can be made into organic fertilizer for sale, which not only solves environmental problems, but also creates value.

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