Manure compost machine sent to Estonia


Features of the Manure compost machine sent to Estonia: 1, the fermentation cycle is short, generally in 15-20 days, volatilization water is fast. 2. The drum is developed by our company, with good tossing effect. The blade has the functions of tossing, stirring, crushing, etc. (there are 102 blades on the drum). 3, zero distance turning, infinitely variable speed, save field, simple operation and wheel flip machine turning trouble and waste of field. 4. Oxygen filling is conducive to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in large quantities, shortening the period of decomposition and fermentation, and making fertilizer faster. 5. Low energy consumption, oil saving, large output (carefully designed drum). The organic fertilizer compost machine is the first step of the organic fertilizer production line.
Bio-organic manure tilting machine is a kind of bio-organic manure which can store poultry excrement, agricultural waste, filter mud of sugar factory, sludge and household garbage, and make it into green and environment-friendly bio-organic fertilizer by using the principle of oxygen-consuming fermentation.Can achieve a day of heating, 3-5 days deodorization, sterilization (can completely kill the fecal bacteria in the eggs, etc.), seven days into fertilizer, than the use of other mechanical means of fermentation method faster, high efficiency.According to customer requirements can also add some auxiliary facilities, such as automatic sprinkling device.It is an ideal organic fertilizer machine.

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