How to deal with the cow dung in the cattle farm?


The cattle industry is developing rapidly, and there are more and more large-scale cattle farms. If an adult cow produces 30 kilograms of cow dung per day, according to this output figure, 10 cows can produce 300 kilograms of cow dung, and hundreds of cows Nearly 1,000 kilograms of cow dung is discharged every day. Now the pollution problem of poultry and livestock is becoming more and more serious. The cow dung is placed on open land without treatment, causing air pollution. How to deal with these cow dung scientifically is the owner It's a headache. Today we will share how to deal with cow dung scientifically.
1. Make cow manure organic fertilizer.
The organic fertilizer made from cow dung can be sold on the market. The production is very simple with organic fertilizer equipment. The entire production line of organic fertilizer machine, from fermentation to granulation, is automated, which is convenient and quick. Moreover, each place has a policy subsidy amount for the purchase of organic fertilizer equipment, and you can consult the government department when purchasing organic fertilizer equipment.
2. Build a biogas digester.
Building a biogas digester is the best way to treat small cattle farms. Using cow dung and cattle farm pollutants as raw materials and investing several thousand yuan can reduce the surrounding environment of the cattle farm and also bring gas. Small biogas digesters have no power generation function and are generally suitable for small cattle farms. There are many restrictions on the construction of biogas digesters. There are no regional restrictions on the production of cow dung into fertilizer through organic fertilizer production line.

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