What are the key structures of a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment?


What are the key structures of a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment, and what are the combinations of a complete set of equipment for an organic fertilizer production line?
The organic fertilizer granulation production line is an assembly line formed by a combination of a new organic fertilizer granulator and other equipment. Each of the organic fertilizer machine is very important, especially in the production line. The organic fertilizer granulator determines whether the production is efficient or not. It is important, so what is the process of the production line?
1. The first step is to ferment and decompose raw materials such as livestock and poultry manure. The entire fermentation process can kill the harmful bacteria in it. Killing the bacteria is also an important step in the entire organic fertilizer production process. Secondly, it is necessary to use organic fertilizer semi-wet material crusher equipment to initially crush livestock and poultry manure and raw materials.
2. Pass the mixed raw materials through the NPK and organic fertilizer granulator to produce the required granular shape, which is especially suitable for materials with higher viscosity. The material of the mixing vessel should be able to meet the standards required by the production, such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, resistance to corrosion by catalysts, and the cleanliness of the product. Due to the different materials of the utensils, the production process and structure of the mixing utensils will also be different, so it can be divided into steel mixing equipment, enamel glass mixing equipment and lined mixing equipment.
3. The raw materials obtain high-temperature energy after the drying step. The next step requires low-temperature cooling. Since water cannot be used for cooling, it is necessary to go through a cooler to separate the contact between the material and water. The screening machine is to screen out unqualified organic fertilizer particles, and the screening equipment has the advantages of high efficiency and easy operation.

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